Forgotten Local Elections, Unforgettable Consequences

By Edward Ring
Thanks to California’s ridiculous policy of mailing ballots to voters a full month prior to election day, and allowing “early voting,” I had already completed and submitted my ballot when I realized that was a mistake. After voting for a local school board candidate who I had some familiarity with and thought might be a safe choice,...

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California Voters Approve Billions in Local Taxes and Borrowing

By Edward Ring
In March 2020, for the first time in a generation, Californians did not approve the overwhelming majority of new tax and bond proposals that were put before them. Out of 125 proposed local bonds, only 31 percent passed; out of 111 proposed local tax increases, only 41 percent passed. Early returns from the November 2020 ballot show Californians...

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Will the Prop 15 Victory Survive the Ballot Harvest? – CPC’s Weekly Newsletter

By Jordan Bruneau
Will California’s Election Day victories survive the ballot harvest? Californians seem to have rejected Proposition 15, a massive property tax increase on Golden State employers that would make many low-margin small businesses unprofitable, reduce job opportunities when they’re needed most, and raise consumer prices when so many are struggling to get by. The tax would force...

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California’s One-Party State, the Blue Wave Machine

By Edward Ring
As the electorates in political battlegrounds across America endure what may be weeks of turmoil, in California the post-election environment is that of a mature one-party state. The population is quiescent, having at last count rejected President Trump by a more than two-to-one margin. In California, it doesn’t matter that only 11.5 million votes have been reported, when 21 million...

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