Transparency organization wins 'total victory' in Lynwood records case

By California Policy Center
For Immediate Release April 26, 2016 California Policy Center Contact: Will Swaim (949) 274-1911 SACRAMENTO  – The city of Lynwood will pay $22,000, part of a judge’s decision that city officials failed to disclose to the California Policy Center the names and salaries of Lynwood public employees. You can read the April 22 judgment here....

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Three Ways California Governments Try To Avoid Transparency

By Robert Fellner
Few politicians or government officials publicly oppose transparency in government. After all, transparency isn’t just about information; it’s a tangible acknowledgment that government officials work for citizens, not the other way around. Still, there’s a big difference between mouthing support for transparency and actually fulfilling public records requests as required by California’s Public Records Act.,...

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Public pension data belongs to the public

By Gloria Romero
What goes up must come down. That’s precisely what happened – in record-setting time – when the California Public Employees Retirement System, the state employees’ pension agency, attempted to provide to the public information about its retirees’ pensions and making it accessible to the public on the CalPERS’ website. The need for pension reform has...

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Are Unions Behind California Assembly Bill 76 to Hinder Public Records Access?

By Kevin Dayton
What special interest group would have such disregard for the tenor of the times that it would now push for a law to hinder the public’s ability to obtain records from local governments? And what special interest group would have the chutzpah to get that law enacted through a supplemental trailer to an annual budget,...

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