Child Abuse in Plain Sight

By Larry Sand
Forcing Critical Race Theory on children is psychologically damaging. I come from a time when schools existed to teach the ABCs, basic math and the amazing story of the American founding. While it’s true that Horace Mann, the man who first promoted universal public education, was a central planner, government schools usually turned out educated...

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Rhetoric to Challenge California’s Statist Elites

By Edward Ring
California’s ruling elites have enacted policies that make it impossible for middle class citizens to live here. They have artificially elevated the cost of living, nearly destroyed public education, decimated public services, neglected public infrastructure, and declared war on small business. To deflect criticism, they’ve convinced a critical mass of voters that any attempts to...

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The NEA’s Koch Obsession

By Larry Sand
The teachers union is determined to purge the Koch brothers from our college campuses. The National Education Association’s mission to drive Charles and David Koch, the two wealthy philanthropist brothers from Kansas, into the sea is showing no signs of slowing down. According to its latest Labor Department filing, the nation’s biggest union gifted $150,000...

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CTA in Bed with the Occupy Crowd? LOL!

By Larry Sand
The California Teachers Association is seeking cover in the Occupy Wall Street movement. The OWS crowd doesn’t understand that CTA and other public employee unions are a major part of the problem. Last week, part of my post concerned itself with the March 5th “Occupy the Capitol” protest being promoted by the California Teachers Association....

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Steve Jobs vs. Wall St. Whiners and Teachers Unions

By Larry Sand
Steve Jobs knew how to create wealth. The parasitic Wall Street protesters and teachers unions want to destroy it. There are many theories as to who is orchestrating the “Occupy Wall Street” protests – known in some circles as “Kamp Alinsky” and “Kamp Kvetch” – in lower Manhattan and elsewhere throughout our country. George Soros?...

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