The Unions’ “Accountability” Libel Against Charter Schools

By Larry Sand
The teacher union war on charter schools ramps up with empty billionaire and accountability accusations. Charter schools are like pesky chewing gum that the teachers unions just can’t quite get off their shoes. They have been persistent in trying to just get rid of the alternative public schools – except for the few they have...

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The NEA, Social Justice and Indoctrination Ghettos

By Larry Sand
The NEA convention had its humorous moments as well as a very disturbing one. The National Association Education’s yearly convention, which wrapped up last week, was mostly a tame affair with not much worth writing about. But NEA executive director John Stocks did provide some unintentionally comedic moments. His boiler plate lefty political ranting included...

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CTA in Bed with the Occupy Crowd? LOL!

By Larry Sand
The California Teachers Association is seeking cover in the Occupy Wall Street movement. The OWS crowd doesn’t understand that CTA and other public employee unions are a major part of the problem. Last week, part of my post concerned itself with the March 5th “Occupy the Capitol” protest being promoted by the California Teachers Association....

TAGS: California Teachers Association, capitalism, corporate greed, Occupy Wall Street, public employee unions

The Brazen Hypocrisy of the Teachers Unions

By Larry Sand
When teachers unions wear their duplicity like a bright red bandana, it shows the whole world what they really are about. Last week, New Jersey Education Association Executive Director Vincent Giordano, who makes over $500,000 a year in salary and assorted perks, shoved his foot in his mouth big time. Appearing on “New Jersey Capitol...

TAGS: California Teachers Association, Chris Christie, Kyle Olson, National Education Association, Occupy Wall Street, school choice, teachers union

The “Let’s Brainwash American Children Club” Has a New Member

By Larry Sand
Venerable Scholastic has joined progressive educators and teachers unions in an effort to indoctrinate and radicalize American school children. Scholastic, a student magazine that has been in business for over 90 years, has caught the progressive fever. (H/T Mary Grabar.) This malady affects common sense and good judgment and leads the afflicted to report news...

TAGS: Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party, teachers unions

CTA Dons Victim Guise and Joins Occupy Wall Street Crowd

By Larry Sand
It’s almost Halloween and the California Teachers Association, a rich and powerful outfit, is in costume as one of the “99%ers” – protesters who claim to be have-nots. A couple of weeks ago United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew and American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten made sympathetic statements about the Occupy Wall...

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Steve Jobs vs. Wall St. Whiners and Teachers Unions

By Larry Sand
Steve Jobs knew how to create wealth. The parasitic Wall Street protesters and teachers unions want to destroy it. There are many theories as to who is orchestrating the “Occupy Wall Street” protests – known in some circles as “Kamp Alinsky” and “Kamp Kvetch” – in lower Manhattan and elsewhere throughout our country. George Soros?...

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