Bugging the Proselytizers

By Larry Sand
If cops are expected to wear body cameras, teachers’ lessons should be recorded. In Texas, a 9th grade English teacher adorns her virtual classroom with posters professing support for Black Lives Matter and the LGBT lifestyle. In southern California, a teacher regularly tells her students how stupid President Trump is, and that conservatives are destroying...

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Cultural Marxism for the Kids

By Larry Sand
The left’s plan to disfigure America is moving right along. The results of a survey released last week revealed that two-thirds of 18-39 year-old Americans do not know that 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust. One-half of the respondents could not name a single concentration camp. One-fourth said the holocaust was a myth...

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Power to the parents!

By Larry Sand
The abusive education monopoly must go. Having retired as a teacher over ten years ago, I often look back on some of the great educators that I worked with during my 28-year career, and how lucky their students were to have them. I also think about the stinkers I encountered, and how sad it is...

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More Red than Ed

By Larry Sand
Radical teacher’s movement picks up some steam in 2019 and national unions join in. #RedforED began as a grassroots teachers’ movement that was organized on Facebook in early 2018. Cooked up by Noah Karvelis, a 24-year-old music teacher and socialist from Arizona, its raison-d’etre is ultimately class warfare. Karvelis’ own words are ripped from The...

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The Wrong March

By Larry Sand
Despite America’s veer to the right in the recent election, Gramsci’s “long march through the institutions” goes on unimpeded. Antonio Gramsci, an early 20th Century Marxist, believed that it was most effective to spread revolutionary ideology slowly and incrementally. By doing it gradually, he thought that enough people would eventually be won over to Marxist...

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Fake News, School Choice and the Teachers Unions

By Larry Sand
When it comes to promoting their pernicious agenda, the teachers unions have the market cornered on fake news. Those railing against “fake news” would have you think that it is a new occurrence, something started a couple of years ago by assorted agenda-driven websites. Turns out, ironically, saying that fake news is a new phenomenon...

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Anti-Trump Hysteria Plagues Our Schools

By Larry Sand
Teachers and their unions are front-and-center in advancing Trumpocalyptic fearmongering. Worse than anything Donald Trump ever said, the backlash to his election has been horrifying. While the hysteria and teddy-bear-clutching over the election of a Republican president is nothing new – remember “Bushitler?” in which some on the left equated W to Der Führer –...

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The NEA, Social Justice and Indoctrination Ghettos

By Larry Sand
The NEA convention had its humorous moments as well as a very disturbing one. The National Association Education’s yearly convention, which wrapped up last week, was mostly a tame affair with not much worth writing about. But NEA executive director John Stocks did provide some unintentionally comedic moments. His boiler plate lefty political ranting included...

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California Federation of Teachers Boss Speaks Power to Troops

By Larry Sand
In a refreshingly candid speech, union leader minimizes bromides about “the children” and relentlessly bangs the class warfare drum. In his March 22nd state-of-the-union talk to the faithful, California Federation of Teachers president Josh Pechthalt made no bones about the ultimate mission of his union. Absent were the usual silly platitudes like “working together with...

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“Indoctrination” – A Must Read For Parents, Taxpayers and Everyone Else

By Larry Sand
To a large extent, the progressives have taken over American education, are transforming it and are doing it in plain sight. Indoctrination: How ‘Useful Idiots’ Are Using Our Schools to Subvert American Exceptionalism is an invaluable book written by Kyle Olson, founder and CEO of the Education Action Group, an organization that is on the...

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