The NEA, Social Justice and Indoctrination Ghettos

By Larry Sand
The NEA convention had its humorous moments as well as a very disturbing one. The National Association Education’s yearly convention, which wrapped up last week, was mostly a tame affair with not much worth writing about. But NEA executive director John Stocks did provide some unintentionally comedic moments. His boiler plate lefty political ranting included...

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Five Awesome Things about Having One-Party Rule in California!

By Ken Alpern
There are many in our society–particularly those who’ve come to the conclusion they’re smarter than the rest of us–who rejoice in one-party rule. They therefore must delight in our current state of our Golden State, because it’s simple to determine who does and doesn’t belong in our government. After all, why be “Rational, Tough and...

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Fixing California: The Green Gentry’s Class Warfare

By Joel Kotkin
Historically, progressives were seen as partisans for the people, eager to help the working and middle classes achieve upward mobility even at expense of the ultra-rich. But in California, and much of the country, progressivism has morphed into a political movement that, more often than not, effectively squelches the aspirations of the majority, in large...

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Class Warfare and Two-Faced Union Bosses

By Larry Sand
Teacher union bosses’ hypocrisy plunges to new depths. After the recent congressional vote to keep the Bush-era tax cuts in place, National Education Association President Dennis Van Roekel lamented on the union’s website, Today House Republican leadership gave the richest two percent another handout, while pulling the rug out from under millions of children and...

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CTA Dons Victim Guise and Joins Occupy Wall Street Crowd

By Larry Sand
It’s almost Halloween and the California Teachers Association, a rich and powerful outfit, is in costume as one of the “99%ers” – protesters who claim to be have-nots. A couple of weeks ago United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew and American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten made sympathetic statements about the Occupy Wall...

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