Women’s March Madness

By Larry Sand
International Women’s Day showed us what radical women are really about. March 8th saw many International Women’s Day (IWD) events that showcased elitist women’s anger and victimology. Typical was American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten who spoke at the “Women Workers Rising” rally outside the Department of Labor headquarters in Washington D.C. Among other...

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The Unions’ “Accountability” Libel Against Charter Schools

By Larry Sand
The teacher union war on charter schools ramps up with empty billionaire and accountability accusations. Charter schools are like pesky chewing gum that the teachers unions just can’t quite get off their shoes. They have been persistent in trying to just get rid of the alternative public schools – except for the few they have...

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Tales from the Unions’ Dark (Money) Side

By Larry Sand
The unions preen and posture as political underdogs, but nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to the teachers unions and the American left, the term “dark money” – political spending by groups whose own donors are allowed to remain hidden – is most closely associated with two successful industrialists from Kansas – the...

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Oligarchy in the 21st Century

By Matthew Continetti
Think rich conservatives rule the world? Think again. “To see what is in front of one’s nose,” George Orwell famously wrote, “needs a constant struggle.” In front of my nose as I write this is a copy of last Sunday’s New York Times. I have opened it to the business section. Below the fold isone of many Times articles on Thomas...

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California Federation of Teachers Boss Speaks Power to Troops

By Larry Sand
In a refreshingly candid speech, union leader minimizes bromides about “the children” and relentlessly bangs the class warfare drum. In his March 22nd state-of-the-union talk to the faithful, California Federation of Teachers president Josh Pechthalt made no bones about the ultimate mission of his union. Absent were the usual silly platitudes like “working together with...

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Cashing in on Hypocrisy

By Larry Sand
Latest teacher union stunt to discredit charter schools rings hollow. As I have written before – as recently as last Tuesday – the teachers unions have a schizoid relationship with charter schools. Depending on the tides, they either want to kill charters off or unionize them. Last week – in kill mode – Randi Weingarten’s...

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Unions and Obamacare, Part 2: How Unions Got Obamacare Passed

By Steven Allen
Unions were at the forefront in the desperate campaign for Obamacare. The organization “Health Care for America Now!” included some 1,030 organizations and was the principal coalition working to pass the program. HCAN’s 20-member steering committee included the AFL-CIO, the Communication Workers of America, the teachers’ unions (both the National Education Association and the American...

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NEA Agenda: More Money, Minimal Reform

By Larry Sand
The teachers union not only plays the poverty card, but by battling reforms, ensures that the impoverished will remain that way. “No Education Reform Without Tackling Poverty, Experts Say,” is the title of an article on the National Education Association website. Experts? A trip into the weeds leads to something called the Center on Poverty,...

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