Karen Lewis and Chicago’s Illiteracy Problem

By Larry Sand
After years as a teacher union boss, Karen Lewis is making plans to spread her venom to the rest of the city. Courtesy of Daniel Greenfield, we are reminded of the ugly fact that almost half of Chicago is illiterate. According to the White House website, 47 percent of Windy City residents cannot read. Additionally,...

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Tenure for Teachers: Enough is Enough

By Larry Sand
Every year untold thousands of school kids are harmed by teachers who shouldn’t be allowed in a classroom. Parents must be given an opportunity to send their children elsewhere. A teacher arrives at work high on drugs…daily. A teacher regularly flies into rages, terrifying kids and coworkers. A teacher talks in explicit terms about sex...

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“Indoctrination” – A Must Read For Parents, Taxpayers and Everyone Else

By Larry Sand
To a large extent, the progressives have taken over American education, are transforming it and are doing it in plain sight. Indoctrination: How ‘Useful Idiots’ Are Using Our Schools to Subvert American Exceptionalism is an invaluable book written by Kyle Olson, founder and CEO of the Education Action Group, an organization that is on the...

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