California Supreme Court Strikes Down Vergara Appeal

By Edward Ring
Here’s an axiom of California politics. When it’s the teachers union against everyone – that’s right, everyone else – the teachers union wins. Yesterday’s decision by the California Supreme Court to not hear the Vergara case is just the latest example. Prior to losing on appeal, which brought the case to the attention of the...

TAGS: California teachers unions, teacher tenure, Vergara vs. the State of California

Earthquake Could Alter Education Landscape in California

By Larry Sand
Latest temblor to hit the Golden State is a lawsuit that could result in a major tectonic shift in education. In September of 1975, due to New York City’s dire fiscal situation, I was laid off from my teaching position at P.S. 125 in Harlem. I lost my job not because I was a bad...

TAGS: California School Boards Association, California Teachers Association, Democrats for Education Reform, first out, last in, LIFO, Parent Revolution, seniority, Students First, Students Matter, Stull Act, teacher tenure

Tenure for Teachers: Enough is Enough

By Larry Sand
Every year untold thousands of school kids are harmed by teachers who shouldn’t be allowed in a classroom. Parents must be given an opportunity to send their children elsewhere. A teacher arrives at work high on drugs…daily. A teacher regularly flies into rages, terrifying kids and coworkers. A teacher talks in explicit terms about sex...

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