California’s Government Unions are the Most Powerful in the U.S.

By Edward Ring
The Commonwealth Foundation, a think tank based in Pennsylvania, has recently released a study entitled “Transforming Labor – A Comprehensive, Nationwide Comparison and Grading of Public Sector Labor Laws.” It ranked every state in terms of the relative power of public sector unions. California, along with tiny Maryland, were the only states that got an...

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Beware the "Neutrality Agreement"

By Dave Bego
In previous articles, the connection between the SEIU and President Obama and their desire to turn America into a socialistic totalitarian dictatorship have been presented. President Obama’s actions since the 2014 Midterm Elections, as outlined below, support this position. The President is utilizing the SEIU’s “Persuasion of Power” by incorporating its corporate campaign strategy to...

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Beware Ambush Elections

By Dave Bego
The U.S. Senate HELP Committee recently contacted me about my experience with labor elections and my insight about how this ruling would harm businesses and employees across the country. This week, the points expressed in my original blog and documented in The Devil at Our Doorstep will be debated and voted upon, as reported in recent headlines...

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Big Labor's Conundrum

By Dave Bego
Over the past four decades, Big Labor has continued to see its membership shrink drastically as its leaders use the same failed tactics involving forced unionism. The argument that most workers are better off without unions today is supported by the fact that unions now represent approximately 11.3% of the total workforce and 6.6% of the private...

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California Union Uses "Greenmail," Manufacturer Takes Plans Out of State

By Loren Kaye
When it comes to organized labor, California is a friendly state. We long ago eschewed right-to-work status. Labor unions enjoy a web of laws that ease organizing workers, like  farmworkers,refinery employees, teachers, and state and local government workers. Other laws give union contracts special status unavailable to nonunion employees, such as the ability to work longer days without triggering overtime and avoid the new sick...

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Turning Points in the Fight Against Forced Unionism?

By Stan Greer
Summary:  Two current cases offer the U.S. Supreme Court opportunities to stop abuse. The National Labor Relations Act declares that “encouraging the practice and procedure of collective bargaining” is “the policy of the United States.” Federal courts have often treated that declaration as if it authorized union officials to do whatever they deem necessary to bring...

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NLRB Unleashes Flurry of New Rulemaking Initiatives

By Dave Bego
After a period of relative quiet, a recent flurry of rulemaking initiatives by the the National Labor Relations Board evidences the current Administration’s intent on satisfying big labor leading up to the crucial 2014 mid-term elections. Ambush Election Rules The NLRB originally adopted this rule in 2011,  but the D.C. Circuit Court rejected the rule...

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Big Labor's Divide and Conquer Strategy for 2014

By Dave Bego
Shortly before returning from his 17-day vacation in Hawaii, the President resumed divisive rhetoric by reprimanding House Republicans for going on a “holiday break” and not staying in Washington D.C. to pass a measure to extend unemployment benefits for needy Americans. The benefits were allowed to lapse, as they were not included in the budget ...

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Same Old SEIU, Same Tired Attacks

By Dave Bego
Never a group to let an opportunity go to waste, the SEIU planed to disrupt travelers at major airports all over the country, and to attack retailers such as Wal-Mart during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Their plotting is all in the name of “social justice,” which is no more than a code name for forced...

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Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Neutrality Agreements

By Dave Bego
This past Wednesday, November 13, 2013, the United States Supreme Court heard the initial arguments in the case Unite Here Local 355 vs. Mulhall. The case of Mulhall, a 40-year employee of Mardi Gras in Hollywood, Florida, challenged the use of a Neutrality Agreement by Unite Here to force unionize Mardi Gras employees. A Neutrality Agreement eliminates the preferred standard...

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