With Senate Bill 7, California Unions Advance Plot to Neuter City Charters

By Kevin Dayton
More than 30 California cities are likely to defy top union officials by asking their citizens in 2014 to vote on enacting a “home rule” charter for local control. Cities want to free their purely municipal affairs from costly union-backed state mandates, for reasons revealed in these recent articles: Unions Rise to Defense of “Prevailing Wage” Rates Jeopardizing...

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Tracking California’s November 2012 Elections Related to Labor Issues

By Kevin Dayton
California’s Proposition 32 is the country’s most high-profile election in November 2012 directly related to labor unions and labor policy issues. There are also several California local elections – particularly Measure V to enact a charter in the City of Costa Mesa – that will potentially strengthen or weaken union control of government. Here’s a summary of...

TAGS: Charter Cities, City of Costa Mesa - Measure V, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, Jon Coupal, Measuring the Cost of Project Labor Agreements on School Construction in California, Project Labor Agreements, Prop. 32, Sacramento City Unified School District, San Diego County Taxpayers Association, San Diego Unified School District, Solano Community College District, West Contra Costa Unified School District