CEQA Debate Rule No. 1: Do NOT Mention Union “Greenmail”

By Kevin Dayton
“Here’s the plan: pretend that unions aren’t exploiting the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) as a tool to obtain labor agreements. Maybe no one will notice.” Supporters and opponents of CEQA reform are straining to avoid this uncomfortable subject as influential Democrats in the California State Senate prepare to introduce an alleged reform of CEQA...

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Employees Revolt Against Forced Unionism

By Dave Bego
Emboldened by President Obama and his recent recess appointments to the Rogue NLRB the SEIU appears to be stepping up its patented Persuasion of Power. The SEIU’s “persuasion of power” is projected through its notorious Corporate Campaigns is vividly chronicled in my new book, The Devil at Our Doorstep. In simple terms, the SEIU’s corporate campaigns are...

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