AFT’s Left Flank Infuriated over Clinton Endorsement

By Larry Sand
Union leftists are shocked! shocked! that the teacher union elite did not confer with them before anointing Hillary Clinton as Democratic presidential pick. The education and mainstream media were whooping it up last week after a cadre of teacher union members laid into the American Federation of Teachers for its endorsement of Hillary Clinton as...

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Sweatshops, Walmart, TFA, Bart Simpson and Hams for Hanukkah

By Larry Sand
Teachers unions are busier than ever pointing fingers, forming loopy alliances and making embarrassing gaffes. A couple of weeks ago Massie Ritsch, assistant communications and outreach point man for Education Secretary Arne Duncan, left his job to take a similar position at Teach For America. And not a moment too soon! As I wrote last...

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Michigan Teachers and Their Union Support Child Rapist

By Larry Sand
“Although fully aware that Neal did something illegal, I am very proud to have him as my friend.” “… his dedication and leadership qualities gained him the respect of his administrators, staff, students and community.” The above quotes are from letters that were written by teachers to a judge last June on behalf of a...

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Teachers Unions and School Boards Must Disconnect

By Larry Sand
Teachers unions’ goals are in direct conflict with those of school boards. Two powerful entities in public education have very different agendas. The teachers unions’ goal is to derive every benefit possible and to protect every last one of its dues paying members no matter how incompetent they are. School boards are governing bodies that...

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“I’m Randi Weingarten and Now, the Fake News.”

By Larry Sand
Teachers union makes news with meaningless words and a misleading poll. Norm MacDonald is famous for opening the comedic news segment on Saturday Night Live by introducing himself and telling the audience that it’s time for the “fake news.” I thought of this when, at the recent American Federation of Teachers convention, President Randi Weingarten...

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