How to Opt Out of Public Sector Unions

By Jared Meyer
This week is National Employee Freedom Week, a nationwide effort of 81 groups in 45 states to raise awareness among public union employees that they can opt out of membership in their unions. Groups also provide members with the necessary help and resources to do so. Victor Joecks, executive vice president at the Nevada Policy Research...

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It’s All About the Dues Money!

By Dave Bego
I have repeatedly stressed the fact that today’s big labor bosses care little about the rank and file membership and are only interested in the dues money they can collect to line their own pockets and use for political persuasion. This has surfaced more the past several weeks and is worth highlighting as we approach...

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Will the Media Ever Report on the Political Agenda of the SEIU?

By Dave Bego
Once again the SEIU is utilizing its patented Persuasion of Power  to achieve its political goals and to boost its dwindling membership. Over the past two weeks, the SEIU has aired television commercials (see SEIU Pushes Seven Figure Ad Campaign for Immigration Reform) to support President Obama’s immigration policy, to initiate a living wage attack campaign against...

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Government Worker Unions: Last Hope for Big Labor at America’s Expense

By Dave Bego
Public unions are once again in the news as they continue to press for the new Wisconsin laws enacted by Governor Walker to be voided through the judicial system (see Dane County Judge Strikes Down Collective Bargaining Law). Despite big labor’s cries of union busting, destruction of the middle class and unfair legislative maneuvering, let’s...

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