Lessons for Reformers from Governor Scott Walker

By RiShawn Biddle
Certainly there are scores of Beltway conservative reformers (and movement conservatives disinterested in education policy) who are dismayed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s decision yesterday to halt his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. After all, the onetime state legislator and former Milwaukee County Executive-turned-governor has been highly-touted by them for his success in abolishing...

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The Best State Governors: Two Examples

By Jon Coupal
Suppose you pick up your typical California newspaper and see headlines like, “State Unemployment Far Below the National Average” and “State Running Healthy Surplus; Gov. to Return Money to Taxpayers.” You just might find yourself paraphrasing Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, “Sutter Brown, I’ve got a feeling were not in California anymore.” (For those...

TAGS: Governor Scott Walker, public sector union reform, Texas, Wisconsin

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Union Rhetoric

By Larry Sand
After losing the Battle of Wisconsin, union members flee in droves and frantic union apologists resort to melodrama. Since losing the recall election in Wisconsin two weeks ago, it seems that there has been more than the usual lying, distortion and hyperbole coming from union bosses and their fellow travelers. Perhaps the most egregious example...

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