“Housing First” Policies Create More Homelessness

By Edward Ring
Earlier this month a guest column in San Jose Spotlight defended efforts by homeless nonprofits to end homelessness in Santa Clara County. The author, Ray Bramson, is Chief Impact Officer at the nonprofit “Destination Home,” a tax exempt organization that collected over $62 million in contributions and grants in 2020. The CEO of this organization made a reported $335,404 in that...

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California’s Homeless Housing Scam

By Edward Ring
Progressive politicians have created the homeless crisis. Their policies have made housing unaffordable, driven away decent job opportunities, and encouraged vagrancy and drug addiction. Their solution – to build taxpayer subsidized housing, provided free and with no conditions to any homeless person – is a special interest scam, guaranteed to never solve the problem. Nowhere...

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Fixing California – Part six: Homelessness and law enforcement

By Edward Ring
Editor’s note: This is the fifth article in a nine-part series on how to fix California. Read the first article in the series here, the second here, the third here, the fourth here, and the fifth here. The homeless population in California now tops 160,000, concentrated in Los Angeles County, but growing in every major city and...

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How Federal Intervention Can Ease California’s Homeless Crisis

By Edward Ring
California’s homeless crisis is now visible to everyone living in the state. Along with tens of thousands of homeless who are concentrated in various districts of the major cities, additional thousands are widely dispersed. If you drive into most major urban centers, you will see their tent encampments along freeway junctions, under bridges, along frontages,...

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The Destruction of Venice Beach Epitomizes California’s Idiocracy

By Edward Ring
Venice Beach used to be one of California’s great places. A Bohemian gem, nestled against the sand between big city Los Angeles and the vast Pacific Ocean, one encountered locals mingling with surfers, artists, street performers and tourists. People from suburbs further inland migrated to Venice’s beaches on sunny weekends year-round. Rents used to be...

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