Bay Area Financial Crisis: Oakland

By Sheridan Swanson
Like San Francisco, the Bay Area City of Oakland is facing major budget woes. Mayor Sheng Thao’s proposed budget for 2023-25 released last month reveals the city is facing  a $360 million shortfall, the largest budget deficit in Oakland’s history.  The proposed budget for FY 2023-24 and 2024-25 plans for total expenditures of over $2.1...

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Listen: Radio Free California Podcast Episode 200: Mobbery in San Francisco

By Will Swaim
Mobs of thieves rob Bay Area stores, but California’s conservative counties are peaceful. Merrick Garland is still pushing the “terrorist parents” narrative. Liberals say Ivy Getty’s Hunger Games-style San Francisco wedding is evidence we need a wealth tax. The House that Kobe Built has a new name. David and Will weigh in on Gavin Newsom...

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Governor Newsom Fails to Put Pressure on Teachers Unions to Reopen Public Schools

By Brandon Ristoff
Late last month, Governor Newsom announced a $2 billion plan to support reopening K-6 public schools for in-person learning by providing districts money if they agree to a timetable for reopening starting in mid-February. But Newsom is playing both sides. He’s trying to support both families who want their kids back in school and the teachers...

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Crisis shows why El Cerrito needs to heed State Auditor’s warning

By Marc Joffe
The economic crisis arising from the public health crisis we now face shows why the state auditor was correct in calling out El Cerrito and several other California cities for their perilous financial positions during a decade of economic growth. While El Cerrito may have been able to “get away” with uncontrolled spending during good...

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How Federal Intervention Can Ease California’s Homeless Crisis

By Edward Ring
California’s homeless crisis is now visible to everyone living in the state. Along with tens of thousands of homeless who are concentrated in various districts of the major cities, additional thousands are widely dispersed. If you drive into most major urban centers, you will see their tent encampments along freeway junctions, under bridges, along frontages,...

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