Defund the fun police

By Chantal Lovell
Mayor London Breed wants to defund the fun police, but she’s chief of this department San Francisco Mayor London Breed is getting a lot of heat this week as she solidified her position among other political elites like Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, and Marc Levine, who’ve all infamously ignored the COVID rules they’ve imposed on...

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Newsom’s Education Spending Binge

By Edward Ring
“It is our hope that all schools will be able to physically open for five days per week in the fall but local conditions will determine whether that is possible.” – Cecily Myart-Cruz, President, United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA Update 5/14/2021) It’s impossible to know what “local conditions” are going to look like when...

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Reopening Update: Newsom’s Not-So-Full California Reopening

By Brandon Ristoff
After suggestions that Newsom is planning to add a less-restrictive green tier to California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that, assuming the current COVID trajectory in California remains, the tiered system that has been in place since August will be eliminated entirely. According to Governor Newsom, it will be “business as...

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Fighting, and Winning, School Choice in California

By Edward Ring
There is going to be a school choice initiative on the state ballot in November 2022. While this is not an absolute certainty, the grassroots support for school choice is strong, and the infrastructure necessary to nurture a grassroots effort is now in place. The RecallGavin2020 campaign has proven the model, and fed up parents from Chula...

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Newsom Can’t Hide Behind Pandemic

By Edward Ring
In his 2021 State of the State Address, Governor Newsom’s focus, to the exclusion of nearly everything else, was to defend his response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A quick review of the 3,634 word transcript indicates only 20 percent of his remarks had to do with anything else. It’s understandable that Newsom would focus on the pandemic....

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Questions for California’s Next Governor

By Edward Ring
The Recall Gavin campaign appears on track to gather just over 2.0 million signed recall petitions before their March 17 deadline. If there is a special election, the recall ballot will have two questions. The first will be “do you support removing Newsom from office, yes or no?” The second question, on the same ballot,...

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Newsom Deal Delays Reopening By Moving Original Goal Posts; Expected Criticism from UTLA and SF Unified

By Brandon Ristoff
CLICK HERE to see which benchmarks your county has passed this week. After a difficult past few months, Governor Newsom and the leaders of the California Legislature finally announced a $6.6 billion school reopening deal in Elk Grove on Monday. As reported by Politico, the proposal would give grants to schools if they reopened schools...

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The Final Sprint: Nine Out of the Ten Largest California Counties Reach Newsom’s Benchmark to Reopen K-6 Schools

By Brandon Ristoff
CLICK HERE to see which benchmarks your county has passed this week. Last week, we examined the different benchmarks that could be used to determine whether schools in California counties could be allowed to reopen. We’ve now updated this analysis and found that the vast majority of the state meets Gov. Newsom’s Safe Schools for...

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Governor Newsom Fails to Put Pressure on Teachers Unions to Reopen Public Schools

By Brandon Ristoff
Late last month, Governor Newsom announced a $2 billion plan to support reopening K-6 public schools for in-person learning by providing districts money if they agree to a timetable for reopening starting in mid-February. But Newsom is playing both sides. He’s trying to support both families who want their kids back in school and the teachers...

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