Student Centered Funding, School Choice and Racism

By Larry Sand
The plan to veer away from educational central planning in Los Angeles is on hold, and a professor of educational history farcically links school choice to racism. When the Los Angeles school board met last week, one of the items on its agenda was voting on the new Student Centered Funding (SCF) plan. As California...

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Science with the union label

By Larry Sand
Despite the reopening happy talk, more than half of all California’s k-12 students remain in distance learning. While schools in California have reopened, a study by EdSource reveals that 55 percent of all public school students in California have not returned to their physical classroom. And just 13 percent of all students in the Golden...

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Analysis: California’s Charter School Renaissance Continues, While Public Non-Charter School Enrollment Continues to Shrink

By Brandon Ristoff
Recent news has not been favorable to public schools in California. More and more students are leaving these institutions, according to data from the California Department of Education.  Over the past six years, California public school enrollment fell by 4%. This is part of a continual decline in K-12 enrollment that began in the 2004-05...

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Fighting, and Winning, School Choice in California

By Edward Ring
There is going to be a school choice initiative on the state ballot in November 2022. While this is not an absolute certainty, the grassroots support for school choice is strong, and the infrastructure necessary to nurture a grassroots effort is now in place. The RecallGavin2020 campaign has proven the model, and fed up parents from Chula...

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Newsom Deal Delays Reopening By Moving Original Goal Posts; Expected Criticism from UTLA and SF Unified

By Brandon Ristoff
CLICK HERE to see which benchmarks your county has passed this week. After a difficult past few months, Governor Newsom and the leaders of the California Legislature finally announced a $6.6 billion school reopening deal in Elk Grove on Monday. As reported by Politico, the proposal would give grants to schools if they reopened schools...

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