Two wins for students!

By Chantal Lovell
In a true testament to the impact engaged parents can have, California officials chose in two separate instances this week to put kids and their education before woke politics. It’s something not seen enough these days, and certainly worth celebrating when it happens. The first student-centric victory came on Tuesday, when the Los Angeles Unified...

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Parent implores school district: Focus on academics, not international affairs

By Editorial Staff
This week, the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education voted unanimously to support a resolution condemning anti-Israeli rhetoric being pushed by the United Teachers Los Angeles in recent months. Below are the comments offered by a Los Angeles parent on the resolution. Watch the full discussion here.  Good Morning. My name is Margaret...

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Listen: Radio Free California

By Will Swaim
New episode of the Radio Free California Podcast is out! California Policy Center’s own Will Swaim and David Bahnsen are at it again with their latest episode of National Review’s Radio Free California podcast. In this week’s episode, they discuss a barnyard metaphor used by a Santa Clara County official to describe the tawdry relationship...

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Getting wise to union antics?

By Chantal Lovell
Two opinion articles worth a read Summer is almost here, and the tide may finally be turning in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  This week, two notable opinion pieces were published in area newspapers questioning the ongoing, union-orchestrated school closures, and challenging the LAUSD Board of Education to stand up to the United Teachers...

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Newsom Deal Delays Reopening By Moving Original Goal Posts; Expected Criticism from UTLA and SF Unified

By Brandon Ristoff
CLICK HERE to see which benchmarks your county has passed this week. After a difficult past few months, Governor Newsom and the leaders of the California Legislature finally announced a $6.6 billion school reopening deal in Elk Grove on Monday. As reported by Politico, the proposal would give grants to schools if they reopened schools...

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L.A. Teachers Union: Give us $250 Million, Or Keep Schools Closed

By Edward Ring
Wiki Commons The second-largest public school district in the United States is in turmoil. Los Angeles Unified School District, with over 600,000 students in kindergarten through twelfth grade at over 1,000 schools, may not be open for the business of teaching on August 18. How to handle the COVID-19 pandemic is the issue, and there is...

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Manhattan Beach firefighter pay averages over $300,000 per year

By Edward Ring
There is now a $300,000 club for California’s firefighters. In the City of Manhattan Beach during 2018, the average pay and benefits for a full time firefighter were $300,242. While the Manhattan Beach firefighters, at least through 2018, belong to an exclusive club, twelve California cities pay their firefighters over $250,000 per year, and 69...

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Will Unions Promote Defined Contribution Plans the Way They Promote Pensions?

By Edward Ring
The virtue of a defined contribution plan is that once the employer has made their contribution, the employer’s obligation is fulfilled. The employee’s retirement benefit is based on a “defined” contribution – typically some fixed percentage of their base pay – that money is invested, and the retiree lives on the accumulated savings and interest....


How AB 195 May Help Restore “Impartiality” to Local Ballot Language

By Edward Ring
Every two years in November, California’s local agencies ask the voters to approve hundreds of new taxes and bonds. California’s primary ballot every other June also features dozens, if not hundreds of new requests for local tax increases and borrowing. And in times of dire urgency, special elections are called. For example, this Tuesday, June...

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