Two wins for students!

By Chantal Lovell
In a true testament to the impact engaged parents can have, California officials chose in two separate instances this week to put kids and their education before woke politics. It’s something not seen enough these days, and certainly worth celebrating when it happens. The first student-centric victory came on Tuesday, when the Los Angeles Unified...

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Decolonizing the curriculum, confronting white nationalism and combatting period poverty

By Larry Sand
At its yearly convention, the National Education Association advanced its political agenda, while doing nothing to address America’s failing public schools. “When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children,” a quote attributed to teacher union godfather Albert Shanker, has become lore. While it is doubtful he...

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Awakening to woke

By Larry Sand
The mainstreaming of Marxism is meeting resistance from anti-woke warriors, but more people must lose their fear and fight back. Here in California, the woke train rolls merrily along.  If AB 101 passes in its current version, a one-semester high school course in ethnic studies will be mandated starting in the 2029–2030 school year. Each...

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California’s Mandatory Ethnic Indoctrination

By Edward Ring
California’s state legislature is on the verge of mandating an “ethnic studies” course in order for a student to graduate from high school. Why not? Today in California, K-12 public school student enrollment is only 23 percent “White not Hispanic.” Based on current immigration and fertility statistics, California’s demographics will eventually become America’s demographics. If America were the melting pot it...

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