Awakening to woke

By Larry Sand
The mainstreaming of Marxism is meeting resistance from anti-woke warriors, but more people must lose their fear and fight back. Here in California, the woke train rolls merrily along.  If AB 101 passes in its current version, a one-semester high school course in ethnic studies will be mandated starting in the 2029–2030 school year. Each...

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Elite Private Schools Go Woke

By Larry Sand
Some parents are paying $50,000 a year for their kids to be indoctrinated. Colleges have been fertile fields of woke craziness for years now. Just a few recent examples: Middlebury College Professor Jonathan Miller-Lane claims that “To preserve American democracy, Whiteness must be demilitarized so that bodies designated as ‘White’ might become human.” A Washington...

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The Wacky Woke Pandemic

By Larry Sand
The resegregation, victimization and historical manipulation of America is advancing. The radical rambling of the woke crowd – those who want to restructure society by dividing America according race – is advancing, and things are getting truly bizarre.  Seattle’s k-12 Math Ethnic Studies Framework teaches that “Western” math is a means of “power and oppression,”...

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The Audacity of Woke

By Larry Sand
While Covid-19 has a shelf life, “Woke-20” shows no sign of abating. With many schools across the country shuttered due to Covid-19, the woke zealots are in a bit of a snit. They can’t indoctrinate students with their one-sided radical views in the traditional classroom because, well, there is no classroom. Doing it online, you...

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