Decolonizing the curriculum, confronting white nationalism and combatting period poverty

By Larry Sand
At its yearly convention, the National Education Association advanced its political agenda, while doing nothing to address America’s failing public schools. “When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children,” a quote attributed to teacher union godfather Albert Shanker, has become lore. While it is doubtful he...

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California’s soaring poverty rates tied to its fiscal irresponsibility

By Steven Greenhut
Sacramento The U.S. Census Bureau’s latest statistics, released this month, find that California’s poverty rate remains the highest in the nation, despite dipping ever so slightly. The reason is no surprise: It’s tied largely to the state’s unusually high cost of living. Yet despite Democratic lawmakers’ oft-stated concern about rising income inequality, they spent the...

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Propaganda Every American Should Disregard

By Larry Sand
Randi Weingarten promotes her union agenda in the guise of “cultural literacy.” Almost 30 years ago, education professor E.D. Hirsch wrote Cultural Literacy, in which he claimed that there are facts and cultural references that every American should know. His list was both celebrated and attacked, and is still controversial. While many approve of a...

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Wash, Rinse, Repeat

By Larry Sand
The National Education Association is relentless in pushing for “reforms,” all the while engaging in world class duplicity. (While the themes I explore here have been covered before, they must be repeated because the National Education Association is dogged in its attempt to acquire even more power than it now has. It is incumbent that...

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