Will California’s Schools Ever Fully Reopen? There’s Plenty of Money

By Edward Ring
With a significant portion of the $1.9 trillion federal stimulus package earmarked for K-12 public schools, concerns have arisen over potential misuse of those funds. As Fox News recently reported, “Multiple California school districts have discussed using state and federal COVID relief money to hand out bonuses for teachers and staff, with one district’s union even...

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School Reopening Update- Who’s On First? LA Dodgers’ Opening Day or LAUSD School Reopenings

By Brandon Ristoff
CLICK HERE to see which benchmarks your county has passed this week. New updates to COVID-19 restrictions has led to more questions when it comes to reopening schools. Recently it was announced that theme parks and outdoor entertainment venues can reopen at limited capacity. Previously, large theme parks like Disneyland could only reopen once they...

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Update: 99.9% of California Passes Newsom’s K-6 Reopening Threshold; School Districts Set Tentative Reopening Dates With Teachers Unions in the Way

By Brandon Ristoff
CLICK HERE to see which benchmarks your county has passed this week. On February 23, the California Department of Public Health’s released their updated Blueprint for a Safer Economy. With this new update, fifty-five out of fifty-eight counties, which covers 99.9% of the Californian population, have reached Newsom’s K-6 school reopening threshold. Five new counties...

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The Final Sprint: Nine Out of the Ten Largest California Counties Reach Newsom’s Benchmark to Reopen K-6 Schools

By Brandon Ristoff
CLICK HERE to see which benchmarks your county has passed this week. Last week, we examined the different benchmarks that could be used to determine whether schools in California counties could be allowed to reopen. We’ve now updated this analysis and found that the vast majority of the state meets Gov. Newsom’s Safe Schools for...

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Should My School Be Open?: Looking at Alternative Benchmarks for Reopening Schools

By Brandon Ristoff
CLICK HERE to see the which benchmarks your county has passed. It has now been over a month since Governor Newsom introduced his Safe Schools for All plan, which would have allowed schools to reopen soon. How has the school reopening situation changed since then? Newsom’s plan did not receive the necessary legislative approval by...

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L.A. Teachers Union: Give us $250 Million, Or Keep Schools Closed

By Edward Ring
Wiki Commons The second-largest public school district in the United States is in turmoil. Los Angeles Unified School District, with over 600,000 students in kindergarten through twelfth grade at over 1,000 schools, may not be open for the business of teaching on August 18. How to handle the COVID-19 pandemic is the issue, and there is...

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