Should My School Be Open?: Looking at Alternative Benchmarks for Reopening Schools

By Brandon Ristoff
CLICK HERE to see the which benchmarks your county has passed. It has now been over a month since Governor Newsom introduced his Safe Schools for All plan, which would have allowed schools to reopen soon. How has the school reopening situation changed since then? Newsom’s plan did not receive the necessary legislative approval by...

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Empire Statement

By Larry Sand
Andrew Cuomo becomes the latest governor to take on the teachers unions. Expanding vouchers to unaccountable private schools. Stripping teachers of their right to due process. Converting neighborhood public schools into privately run charter schools unanswerable to local school boards and taxpayers. Proceeding with tax cuts for the wealthy while starving public schools. Holy horrors! The above,...

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Democrats and Teachers Unions: The Chasm Grows

By Larry Sand
As more Dems demand education reform, the teachers unions find themselves increasingly isolated. Going back to 2009, I have written many times about the relationship between the teachers unions and the Democratic Party. It’s no secret that the party and the unions were at one time synonymous, but this is rapidly becoming history. Quite clearly,...

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The Strange Politics of Education Reform

By Larry Sand
… where conservatives demand change and many alleged progressives, including teacher union elites, are really reactionary. While this may be old news to some, it can’t be said enough: In our polarized times, education reform is the only truly bipartisan issue, whereas with other matters things invariably break down into Republican vs. Democrat, liberal vs....

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