The Butler Did It

By Chris LaBella
In appointing Laphonza Butler to take Dianne Feinstein’s still-warm U.S. Senate seat, Gov. Gavin Newsom has picked his twin, someone of Cirque-du-Soleil-level flexible morality and connections to wealthy donors on all sides of most issues. In that regard, at least, she’s a perfect representative of California politics. She is “simply the best person that I...

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Questioning the Political Priorities of the Firefighters Union

By Edward Ring
As another summer of wildfires approaches, it is in the interest of every Californian to understand that California’s firefighters’ union, the California Professional Firefighters, is one of the most politically powerful unions in the state. This union has the power to help solve the growing problem of wildfires in California, but to more effectively do so...

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Yes, Virginia, There Are Lessons We Have Learned

By Larry Sand
The recent election in Virginia has provided a trove of “teachable moments.” As a former educator, I know a teachable moment when I see one. And the political doings in Virginia this fall have been a goldmine. While the Democrats still maintain a small majority in the Old Dominion’s Senate in the recent election, Virginia...

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Masking students and unmasking the radical agenda

By Larry Sand
The decision to mask and indoctrinate school children in California has been left to local school districts. The new school year is still weeks away in California, but summer break has hardly been a carefree romp on the beach. On July 12th, the California Department of Public Health, ignoring CDC guidance, announced that all students...

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Biden’s union agenda betrays American workers

By Edward Ring
The consequences of Democrat control of Congress and the White House are just beginning to be felt, as one of the most disruptive pieces of legislation in American history quietly moves from the House of Representatives to the Senate, where only a successful filibuster may prevent its passage.  The “Protect the Right to Organize,” or “PRO...

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O’Callaghan v. Regents of the University of California

By Jackson Reese
Two University of California workers filed a federal lawsuit alleging union dues were illegally deducted from their paychecks. Cara O’Callaghan has worked as the finance manager of the Sport Club program at the University of California, Santa Barbara, since 2009. Jenée Misraje has worked as an administrative assistant at the University of California, Los Angeles,...

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Modest Strike Settlement Nonetheless Puts LAUSD in Even Worse Financial Shape

By Edward Ring
One of the grievances expressed by the union during their recent strike against Los Angeles Unified School District was that, according to them, charter schools are draining funds from public schools. This assertion, repeated uncritically by major news reports on the strike, does not stand up to reason. Public schools in California receive government funding based on...

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