Lance Christensen: Honesty is the best parental notification policy

By Lance Christensen
Last week, I signed a permission slip for my 11th grade son allowing him to see a PG-13 movie for his United States history class in our local public high school. I was thankful that the school respected our relationship enough to ask permission to show a movie based on a historical event that is...

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Parents, where do you draw the line? 

By California Policy Center
Parents, where do you draw the line? The state legislature is aggressively shepherding anti-parent bills through its chambers that erode parental authority in ways that would seem unimaginable only a few years ago. Under the banner of “affirming transgender children,” legislators are pushing bills that upend parental rights in frightening ways and pose serious risks...

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Parents are Not Radicals

By Andrew Davenport
Across the nation, parents are pushing back against inappropriate and hyper-sexualized content in K-12 schools. This organic parent movement is erupting across diverse demographics — in stark contrast to the PR effort by teachers unions and Democrats to fictionalize it as a “Christian nationalist white supremacist” campaign to “ban books.” Earlier this month, Muslim parents in...

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Voting for the Kids

By Larry Sand
While there is no shortage of issues to consider when marking ballots on Election Day, education matters should be high on the list. All citizens, taxpayers, and parents, of course, have a stake in righting our wayward educational ship. Fortunately, the political angle has been front and center since parent-friendly Republican Glenn Youngkin beat out establishment Democrat...

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Don’t Buy into SEL

By Larry Sand
This article originally appeared in For Kids and Country.  Social Emotional Learning (SEL) was always a bad idea, and now that it is politicized, it’s a nightmare. As a longtime teacher, I have seen firsthand that education is a fad-filled field. Culturally responsive education, inventive spelling, new math, experiential learning, balanced literacy, etc. are educational...

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The School Fiscal Officer’s Dilemma

By Mark Moses
Most California school districts and their labor unions have finally come to terms on COVID-19 protocols, reconciling federal and state funding and mandate issues with the funding given them in several relief packages. Now, a new round of labor unrest is percolating across the state as new compensation contracts are negotiated. Teachers expect sizable raises,...

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Yes, Virginia, There Are Lessons We Have Learned

By Larry Sand
The recent election in Virginia has provided a trove of “teachable moments.” As a former educator, I know a teachable moment when I see one. And the political doings in Virginia this fall have been a goldmine. While the Democrats still maintain a small majority in the Old Dominion’s Senate in the recent election, Virginia...

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