Curbing Corporate Welfare and Government Funded Political Campaigns

By Edward Ring
Should the government spend money to benefit private companies? Should the government spend money to influence voters? In California, they do this all the time. There are laws specifically written to prevent this, but they are undermined by aggressive exploitation of loopholes combined with lax enforcement. And to be fair, genuine ambiguity often makes it...

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Unions in the News – Weekly Highlights

By Editor
Silicon Valley’s labor views indicate a split in the Democratic party By Gregory Ferenstein, November 17, 2015, The Guardian In America’s new era of political realignment, the Republican party is not the only one experiencing a grassroots political coup. A new breed of capitalism-loving and urbanized liberals are demanding an entirely new role for the...

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Union Watch Highlights

By Jack Dean
Michigan Is Big Labor’s Next Big Target By Shikha Dalmia, June 5, 2012, Those who thought that Big Labor’s recall drive against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was its final attempt to maintain its lavish benefits at taxpayers’ expense should think again. Win or lose in Wisconsin today, it is already opening a new front...

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