New Report Confirms LA Dept. Water and Power Compensation Highest in Nation

By Robert Fellner
Phase I of a comprehensive benchmarking report on the LADWP was just released by the City of Los Angeles. The report itself confirmed a few things most ratepayers already know – that the LADWP’s payroll costs are dramatically higher than that of their peers and their customer service is quite poor. Previously, in my study, Examining Public...

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Los Angeles Utility Ratepayers to IBEW Local 18 – Where's Our $40 Million?

By Jack Humphreville
IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 18) Union Boss d’Arcy is planning a massive demonstration at 11 a.m. on Tuesday  in front of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s downtown headquarters to protest City’s Hall’s “assault on collective bargaining” and “war on workers” and is urging other unions throughout the City to support...

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Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power – Unions vs. Ratepayers

By Scott Walter
Where are the charity watchdogs in L.A.? An ugly story from the City of Angels reminds us once again of how dangerous “public-private partnerships” can be, especially that worst of all such partnerships: government employee unions in bed with government officials. The government of Los Angeles has long granted a monopoly to the Department of...

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