California Lawmakers Sacrifice Education for Politics with AB 1955

By Andrew Davenport
While California faces a significant decline in educational outcomes, student enrollment, and a fiscal crisis, progressives in the state legislature are more concerned with targeting parents than improving schools. Assembly Bill 1955, introduced by Assemblyman Chris Ward (D-San Diego), aims to ban parental notification policies passed by a growing number of California school districts over...

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How the Teachers Union Can Save L.A. Unified

By Edward Ring
Earlier this year the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) released a report entitled “Burned Out, Priced Out – Solutions to the Educator Shortage Crisis.” Given the universally acknowledged challenges facing public K-12 education in California, this report merits serious attention. The UTLA represents teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District, which with over 500,000 enrolled K-12 students is...

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WATCH: LA Board of Ed members eat, text, check emails while Latina mom pleads for school reopening

By Chantal Lovell
Six-figure salaries not enough to buy interest in kids’ futures… In a infuriating video released this week by parent watchdog group UTLA Uncensored, Los Angeles Board of Education members and leadership are seen completely ignoring a mom as she breaks down while recounting the suffering her children are experiencing due to the board’s refusal to...

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California’s Regulatory Hostility Prevents More New Homes

By Edward Ring
The median home price in Los Angeles County is $618,000. In Santa Clara County it’s $1.2 million. In the entire state of California, including the somewhat more “affordable” inland counties, the median home price is $548,000. The national median home price? $227,000. There’s a reason for this. For decades, California’s state and local governments have made it harder and more expensive for any...

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How Does a California Family Survive?

By Edward Ring
It’s common enough to discuss the high cost-of-living in California. It’s become a serious topic, at last. But for Californians who are used to paying ridiculous prices for everything, it may be helpful to present a comparison in the form of an annual family budget. How much does it cost to take care of a...

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Angelenos wonder: Have we been ripped off?

By Reiss Becker
Rapper Biggie Smalls said it best: “Mo Money” means “Mo Problems.” For proof, consider that Californians have generously contributed billions of dollars to solve the problem of homelessness – and the situation has only deteriorated. In 2016, Los Angeles voters approved Proposition HHH, taxing themselves in order to house the homeless. Supporters recently trumpeted their...

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How AB 195 May Help Restore “Impartiality” to Local Ballot Language

By Edward Ring
Every two years in November, California’s local agencies ask the voters to approve hundreds of new taxes and bonds. California’s primary ballot every other June also features dozens, if not hundreds of new requests for local tax increases and borrowing. And in times of dire urgency, special elections are called. For example, this Tuesday, June...

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California’s Unaffordable “Affordable” Housing

By Edward Ring
When discussing the seemingly intractable and growing problem of homeless people living in California, journalists reporting on the issue don’t spend enough time questioning the numbers, much less the policies driving the insane numbers. A recent article in the San Jose Mercury provides a perfect example. The article gets off to a good start with a provocative, and very...

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