Seven Years Ago, Wall Street Was the Villian, Now It Gets To Call the Shots

By Joel Kotkin
The recent passage by Congress of new legislation favorable to loosening controls on risky Wall Street trading is just the most recent example of the consolidation of plutocratic power in Washington. The new rules, written largely by Citibank lobbyists and embraced by the Obama administration, allow large banks to continue using depositors’ money for high-risk investments, the very...

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The Unholy Trinity of Public Sector Unions, Environmentalists, and Wall Street

By Edward Ring
Taken at surface value, there ought to be minimal identity of interests between these three special interests. But if you follow the money and power instead of the rhetoric and stereotypes, you will find this unhealthy alliance is alive and thriving. For example, unions use “greenmail,” the threat of a lawsuit on environmentalist grounds, to...

TAGS: construction unions, environmentalists, high speed rail, occupy movement, public sector unions, Wall Street

The Tragic Consequences of Social Justice Education

By Larry Sand
The president of the National Education Association continues to promote ideas that are anti-American and are turning our kids into progressive, anti-wealth, equality-obsessed robots. Last week, the drone-like National Education Association President Dennis Van Roekel gave a talk at the annual gathering of the Nebraska State Education Association. He unleashed the same tired old class...

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