Unions Are Behind California’s Latest Wealth Tax Proposal

By Edward Ring
If at first you don’t succeed, try again. This adage applies well to ideas for new ways to tax Californians. Every election cycle we see new ways to be taxed, and higher tax rates, but rarely will we see a tax get repealed. So it is that Assemblyman Alex Lee (D, San Jose) has introduced Assembly...

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Is new property transfer tax plan a blank check?

By Christopher Escher
On December 10, the SJ City Council approved a directional plan which aims to allocate to affordable housing monies raised from a proposed new property transfer tax.  The plan has no guarantees that the monies will actually be spent on housing and has no guardrails to make sure the money isn’t misspent on overpriced new...

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​Is California a Low Property Tax State?​

By Jon Coupal
Editor’s Note:  When asking whether or not California is a low property tax state – it’s not, as taxpayer advocate Jon Coupal explains in this article – the parallel question is WHY, if property taxes are already high enough in California, are legislators trying to raise property taxes? Here is a list, courtesy of the Howard...

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Prop. 13 Narrowly Survives Another Legislative Session

By Jon Coupal
Two years ago, when 2013-14 legislative session began, things looked very dark for California homeowners. Democrats, many hostile to Proposition 13, achieved a super-majority in both the Assembly and Senate. Many publicly expressed their hostility to the landmark property tax initiative and one even said he would like to “nuke” Prop 13. Others were a...

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Attacks Resume on California's Prop. 13 – How Else to Fulfill Insatiable Government Union Demands?

By Jon Coupal
A handful of far-left, Bay Area activists think they have come up with a clever plan to chip away at Proposition 13. Specifically, they are attempting to persuade local school boards and city councils to pass resolutions in support of removing Prop 13 protections for business property. While “resolutions” are not laws, they nonetheless can...

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Public Sector Unions Want to Gut Prop. 13 Taxpayer Protections – Voters Disagree

By Jon Coupal
Editor’s Note:  As Jon Coupal explains in detail, Prop. 13’s “coattails” are alive and well in California. In a special election a few weeks ago in Southern California, Susan Shelley, a moderate Republican whose sole message was “protect Prop. 13” has lost by a margin of less than 1%, in a district where Democrats outnumber...

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