California's Emerging Good Government Coalition

By Edward Ring
The 2014 mid-term elections will be remembered for many things – pioneering use of information technology to comprehensively profile and micro-target voters, escalating use of polarizing rhetoric, historically low levels of voter turnout, and historic records in total spending. In California, in spite of all this money and technology – or perhaps because of it...

TAGS: financial sustainability, public sector union reform, Vergara vs. State of California

The Looming Bipartisan Backlash Against Unionized Government

By Edward Ring
Whenever discussing politically viable policy proposals to improve the quality of life in California, the imperative is to come up with ideas that strongly appeal to moderate centrists, since that is how most Californians would describe themselves. And there are two compelling issues that offer that appeal: making California’s system of K-12 education the best...

TAGS: Capital Appreciation Bonds, Charter schools, education reform, financial sustainability, Pension Obligation Bonds, pension reform, school choice