Newsom recall a win for accountability

By Chantal Lovell
Recently, Brandeis University updated its list of no-longer-politically correct idioms we should eliminate from our vocabulary. Among them is the one that’s always disturbed me a little, but seems perfectly apropos this week: There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Perhaps more relatable to Californians living in 2021 (who hopefully will never need...

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Defective bargaining

By Larry Sand
A challenger for governor of California could radically improve education with one executive order. In a recent opinion piece in The Epoch Times, veteran writer John Seiler put forth a set of strategies for a Republican to beat California Governor Gavin Newsom in the state’s September 14th recall election. Among other things, he suggests that...

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Gavin Newsom’s brush with conservatism

By Chantal Lovell
For months now, Governor Gavin Newsom has spared no opportunity to demean and bash conservatives for their efforts to do what he thought unthinkable: put him up for recall. But as quickly as he sent his kids back to in-person private school this past fall, Newsom seems to have embraced a very conservative principle: return...

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Winning a war of attrition against government unions

By Edward Ring
Anyone involved in state or local politics in California soon realizes that government unions are the most powerful special interest in the state. From time to time, as the ride-share behemoths proved in spectacular fashion last November with Proposition 22, corporations will defy the unions on very specific issues. But by and large California’s corporations...

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Questions for California’s Next Governor

By Edward Ring
The Recall Gavin campaign appears on track to gather just over 2.0 million signed recall petitions before their March 17 deadline. If there is a special election, the recall ballot will have two questions. The first will be “do you support removing Newsom from office, yes or no?” The second question, on the same ballot,...

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California is Ready to Get Rid of Newsom

By Edward Ring
Across California on May 1, tens of thousands protested in defiance of the lockdown orders. In Sacramento, the west lawn of the state capitol building was filled with protesters, with thousands more marching along the sidewalk surrounding the capitol grounds. Additional thousands driving their cars and honking their horns created three hours of total gridlock on...

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