SCOTUS confirms unions can be sued for property damage

By Houston Reese
In an important ruling last week, the U.S. Supreme Court held that unions can be sued in state court for damages if striking workers intentionally destroy their employer’s property. The decision is a victory for employers that puts unions on notice that there are consequences for their reckless actions during strikes. In Glacier Northwest v....

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Teamsters, Researchers Play Hunger Games with UC Contract Talks

By Andrew Heritage
Outside the headquarters of the University of California in Oakland, researchers Peter Dreier and Megan Bomba sat alongside two officials of Teamsters Local 2010. Behind them: signs that read “UC: Pay Workers Enough to LIVE.” The Teamsters Local is negotiating with the university system over clerical and administrative support salaries. Part of the union’s campaign...

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Labor Union Day

By Larry Sand
Labor Day has become little more than an opportunity for union leaders to puff out their chests and make grandiose statements about the glories of organized labor. As a way to build their brand, union leaders typically pit management against labor, portraying the worker as David fighting greedy entrepreneurs and corporate Goliaths. This is especially...

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Unions Demand Special Exemptions From Obamacare

By Mike Shedlock
Obamacare, officially known as the “Affordable Care Act”, is quickly proving to be so unaffordable that neither businesses nor labor unions want anything to do with it. In increasing numbers, US business complain about ‘Obamacare’ costs (but they are not the only ones). David Dillon, chief executive of the Kroger supermarket chain, told the Financial...

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