The War on Boys and Girls

By Larry Sand
Over the years, a cause for teen angst, suicide, etc., has reportedly been the media. But there is no definitive evidence to corroborate that. In fact, every recent generation has traditionally pointed to the media or some other cultural factor as damaging to youth. In the 1920s, it was the Charleston, and in the 1940s,...

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Government sanctioned child abuse

By Larry Sand
Wisconsin parents fight the transgender lobby, while California is going in the other direction. Fourteen Wisconsin parents represented by Alliance Defending Freedom and the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, public interest legal firms, have filed a lawsuit in an attempt to stop a policy they say “instructs teachers to assist and encourage children in...

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California Public Schools to Teach LGBTQQIAA Dogma to 3rd Graders

By Larry Sand
Californians need to act now on the new state Health Education Framework. In 2016, several doctors tore into new guidelines that promoted transgenderism in the Canadian province of Alberta. They refused to accept the new orthodoxy advanced by progressive activists that “gender is a social construct,” and insisted that identifying one’s gender as different from...

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Trump Undoes Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Guidelines

By Larry Sand
…and teacher union command central is furious. Last week, the Trump administration rightfully withdrew former President Obama’s guidelines regarding bathroom usage, which had called on schools nationwide to let transgender students choose “Boys” or “Girls,” depending on how they perceived themselves and not the old-fashioned way: by body parts. Additionally, Obama had threatened to remove...

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