The Credibility of Public Service

By Edward Ring
California’s government unions are nothing like private sector unions. Their bosses are selected via elections where these unions are the dominant campaign contributors. They get their money through compulsory taxes and therefore don’t have to run efficient operations. They run the machinery of government which lets them intimidate their opponents and act as gatekeeper to...

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Government Employee Unions – The Root Cause of California's Challenges

By Edward Ring
Spokespersons for California’s government employee unions perpetuate a myth of staggering absurdity and tragic consequences – that they are protecting working Californians from wealthy corporations and wealthy individuals. The reality is that government employee unions are focused on one thing: Expanding government employee pay, benefits and privileges. This requires expanding government, and that priority comes...

TAGS: crony capitalism, government employee unions, government unions, public sector unions, special interests, unionized government

Desert Hot Springs, California, Fights Bankruptcy – Average City Employee Makes $144,329 Per Year

By Edward Ring
While today’s municipal bankruptcy news focuses on Detroit, where a judge has just ruled the city can proceed with its bankruptcy filing, tonight a small California city holds a council meeting to try to avoid the same fate. Desert Hot Springs isn’t on the national radar, but its situation is hardly unique. With only 27,000...

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