Good Fortune Shines on Teachers Unions

By Joel Fox
California’s teachers unions have been described as the most powerful force affecting state government. Recently, however, threats to the California Teachers Association and the California Federation of Teachers have arisen on a number of fronts, yet over the last couple of weeks those threats seemed to be minimized by political pressure, apparent sympathetic judges, and...

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How to Opt Out of Public Sector Unions

By Jared Meyer
This week is National Employee Freedom Week, a nationwide effort of 81 groups in 45 states to raise awareness among public union employees that they can opt out of membership in their unions. Groups also provide members with the necessary help and resources to do so. Victor Joecks, executive vice president at the Nevada Policy Research...

TAGS: "free rider", agency fees, forced unionization, National Employee Freedom Week, Nevada Policy Research Institute

California Teachers Silenced By Teachers Union

By Rebecca Friedrichs
Throughout our nation, teachers are being trained to combat bullying within our schools and social media. It’s ironic that this movement is led by teachers unions, which have been bullying independent-minded teachers for decades. In California, where I’m a public school teacher, union bullying is enshrined in state law. The law requires that all teachers...

TAGS: agency fees, California Teachers Association, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association