Listen: Episode 192: Gavin Newsom’s Theater of Pain

By Will Swaim
Latest episode of the Radio Free California podcast is out! Governor Newsom uses communities incinerated by wildfire to promote climate-change policies that will do little to mitigate the impact of decades of bad forest management, and then says he’ll make California a destination for abortion tourists. And we’ve got questions — like what does Assemblywoman...

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Exodus: Intel’s New Massive Manufacturing Investment Ignores Their Home State, California

By Brandon Ristoff
CLICK HERE to find our comprehensive California Book of Exoduses Intel Corporation announced this week it will invest $20 billion in semiconductor chip fabrication plants, according to the Sacramento Business Journal. This is a big deal given the current global shortage in semiconductor chips. But also, it is important because semi-conductors will be a big...

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Exodus: Problems with Viral CalExodus Study and Big Opportunities in the Grand Canyon State

By Brandon Ristoff
To access The California Book of Exoduses: CLICK HERE Sorry California Data Lab- #TheCalExodusIsHappening Recently, there was a well-publicized report by the California Data Lab suggesting the “CalExodus” that has been a major news headline over the last year, was not actually happening. While a longer critique of the article is needed (which I hope...

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Exodus: ZP Better Together, Salesforce, and Dee Dee Myers

By Brandon Ristoff
Every week, we recognize some businesses or people that are leaving or have left the Golden State and some of the biggest stories regarding the exoduses. To access The California Book of Exoduses: CLICK HERE ZP Better Together ZP Better Together is a communications company focusing on providing services for those who are deaf or...

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