Spirit Murder, Lizard Brains and the Abolition of Whiteness

By Larry Sand
In what amounts to a “1984 Project,” school districts across the country have turned into reeducation camps. In December it was revealed that the San Diego Unified School District had hired Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo, two brazen race hustlers posing as “trainers” to jam their radical racial separatist agenda down the throats of...

TAGS: Ethnic studies, George Orwell, Ibram X. Kendi, Larry Sand, Robin DiAngelo

Income Inequality Farm

By Larry Sand
Labor leaders and their friends start a new “progressive” organization … as George Orwell rolls over in his grave. We live in strange times when a man can decide that he’s a woman and someone born freckled and blonde declares with great conviction that she is African-American. Following the trend, we have organized labor leaders...

TAGS: American Federation of Teachers, California Teacher Association, George Orwell, Larry Sand, Randi Weingarten, Richard Trumka, teachers union

Walton, Weingarten and Orwell

By Larry Sand
The Walton Foundation has donated millions to help charter schools prosper, but that’s a bad thing according to the teachers unions. It’s no secret that the Walton Family Foundation is a major donor to charter schools. In 2013, it donated over $70 million to these special public schools and charter management organizations across the country....

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Michigan: One Year Later

By Larry Sand
Teachers union is desperate to hold onto every last unwilling member. A year after Michigan became the country’s 24th right-to-work state, teachers are finding that their union resembles a Roach Motel – it’s real easy to get in, but getting out can be a mother. Just ask Miriam Chanski, a 24 year-old Kindergarten teacher who...

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