Child abuse: Education establishment style

By Larry Sand
The true believers in the education world, not climate change, are a major threat to children. When I was seven years old, I had a nightmare about witches, and subsequently became convinced that I had an ugly old hag living in my closet. It wasn’t pleasant, but doing a thorough inspection of my entire bedroom,...

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The Wrong March

By Larry Sand
Despite America’s veer to the right in the recent election, Gramsci’s “long march through the institutions” goes on unimpeded. Antonio Gramsci, an early 20th Century Marxist, believed that it was most effective to spread revolutionary ideology slowly and incrementally. By doing it gradually, he thought that enough people would eventually be won over to Marxist...

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How Gov't Unions and Crony Capitalists Exploit Global Warming Concerns

By Edward Ring
If anyone is looking for evidence that government unions use their immense influence to support the growth of an authoritarian state, look no further than their unequivocal support for global warming “mitigation,” and all attendant agencies and laws to support that goal. In 2006 California’s union-controlled legislature passed AB32, the “Global Warming Solutions Act,” a...

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