California should follow Michigan’s lead on pensions

By David Schwartzman
California’s previous attempts at pension reform have had a negligible impact. We should look to solutions from other states to tackle our growing pension problem. Last week, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a landmark school pension reform bill that will cap the growth of pension liabilities. California legislators need to follow Michigan’s lead to save...

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Putting “Teeth” in Right-to-Work

By Dave Bego
Having been involved in discussion regarding Right-To-Work legislation in Indiana and Michigan, I can attest to the tireless efforts of grassroots movements – by local businesses in Indiana and concerned United Auto Worker employees in Michigan – to achieve the goal of protecting worker freedoms. Statistical data shows that the implementation of a Right-To-Work law...

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Unraveling What Happened in Michigan

By Larry Sand
Now that the dust has settled, there are still some loose ends that need to be addressed in the Wolverine State’s right-to-work battle. Last Tuesday, Michigan became the nation’s 24th right-to-work state. Much has been written about this and yet there still is much misinformation in circulation – mostly being spread by the unions, of...

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