Public Sector Environmentalists vs. Jobs

By Steve Malanga
On October 24th I observed in the WSJ that private and public unions were increasingly in conflict this election season, particularly as left-leaning public union leaders align with members of the Democratic coalition like environmentalists, whose no-growth economic policies cost blue-collar workers jobs. One example I didn’t discuss in that piece is a campaign transpiring in California,...

TAGS: Chris Christie, environmentalists, Northern California District Council of Laborers

Unions Await Fantastic Return on High-Speed Rail Political Investments

By Kevin Dayton
It’s a heady time to be a top construction union official in California, as the California High-Speed Rail Authority presumably now holds proposals from as many as five design-build consortiums to build the first segment of the $68 billion project. If this project moves forward, it will become part of the pantheon of huge American infrastructure projects...

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California’s “Prevailing Wage” – Floor Vacuuming at $45.93/Hour

By Kevin Dayton
California State Assemblyman Curt Hagman (R-Chino Hills) is introducing a bill to address one of the numerous absurdities in California’s prevailing wage law: the $38-46 per hour wage paid to laborers who clean up construction sites after taxpayer-funded construction is finished. As revealed in a 2009 state wage enforcement action against a construction company working...

TAGS: Northern California District Council of Laborers, Prevailing Wage