Teachers Unions’ Election Day Thumping

By Larry Sand
“Teachers Unions Take a Beating in Midterm Races” “Teachers Unions Take a Shellacking” “Teachers Unions Get Schooled in 2014 Election” The above is just a small sampling of post-election headlines which flooded the media after last Tuesday’s historic election, which generated a major political shakeup in the nation’s capital as well as state houses from...

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Early Christmas Gift to Children and Taxpayers in Philadelphia?

By Larry Sand
School reformers in Philly decide to help taxpayers and kids; teachers unions fume. Philadelphia can be a tough town – so tough, in fact, that in 1968, frustrated and cranky Eagles fans even booed Santa Claus at a late season game. When that didn’t scare off old St. Nick, the hostile fans unleashed a barrage...

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Labor Stains

By Larry Sand
A new American Federation of Teachers financial report shows that the union has not modified its anti-child and anti-conservative stance. Courtesy of education writer RiShawn Biddle, we get to peek at the latest edition of the American Federation of Teachers LM-2, a yearly financial report detailing union income and spending. No surprises. Just the same...

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The City of Brotherly Love (Cain and Abel Edition)

By Larry Sand
Philadelphia is a city famous for Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell, cheesesteaks, and now – a miserable and bloated education system. In what has become an American tradition, another big city mayor has gone to war with “Big Education.”  Like Michael Bloomberg (NY), Antonio Villaraigosa (LA) and Rahm Emanuel (Chicago), Philadelphia’s Michael Nutter is dealing...

TAGS: American Federation of Teachers, Larry Sand, Michael Nutter, Mike Antonucci, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, Tom Corbett