Charter Chumps

By Larry Sand
The competition-phobic teachers unions are still trying to decimate charter schools. As I wrote a couple of years ago, the teachers unions vacillate when it comes to charter schools. On odd days they try to organize them and on even ones they go all out to eviscerate them. But the organizing efforts haven’t gone too...

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Charter Chicanery

By Larry Sand
Teacher union sponsored bill is a serious threat to California’s charter schools. It’s hardly a secret that teachers unions don’t like charter schools. These independent, publicly funded schools are typically not unionized (just 15 percent are in California), and therefore can avoid many of the burdensome rules and regulations which are chiseled into the state...

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Teachers Unions Continue Their Assault on School Choice

By Larry Sand
CTA and CFT sponsor legislation that imperils charter schools in California. On April 27, Rasmussen Reports released the results of a poll which addresses American voters’ sentiments about our public schools. Some of the more interesting findings are: • 72% say taxpayers are not getting their money’s worth from our schools, while only 11% think...

TAGS: AB 1172, California Charter School Association, California Federation of Teachers, California Teachers Association