Biden Ain’t for the Kids

By Larry Sand
On education issues, trouble looms if Biden becomes president. At the risk of stating the obvious, the country’s political future is murky. If Joe Biden withstands the onslaught of ballot fraud challenges and becomes POTUS 46, it’s anyone’s guess as to how he will govern. Or for how long. As a dementia-riddled man with no...

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How some teacher unionistas spent their summer vacation

By Larry Sand
The “Red for Ed” movement is becoming redder by the day. At a time when most U.S. citizens have benefited from the Trump tax cuts, the American Federation of Teachers joined up with a motley assemblage of leftwing organizations over the summer on what was billed as the “Tax the Rich Bus Tour.” The road...

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Classroom forecast: Miseducated with a high chance of indoctrination

By Larry Sand
Instead of American history, students now learn about the evils of capitalism, airplanes and cow farts.  “‘Education is Political’: Neutrality in the Classroom Shortchanges Students” read a recent headline on the National Education Association website. What the teachers union is essentially saying is that an objective approach to controversial subjects does a disservice to the...

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