A Happy Anniversary for Workers’ Rights

By Houston Reese
Five years ago this week, the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed the First Amendment right of government workers to opt out of their unions.  In Janus vs AFSCME, decided on June 27, 2018, the Court ruled that public-sector employees have the right to opt out of union representation and cannot be forced to pay union dues....

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How some teacher unionistas spent their summer vacation

By Larry Sand
The “Red for Ed” movement is becoming redder by the day. At a time when most U.S. citizens have benefited from the Trump tax cuts, the American Federation of Teachers joined up with a motley assemblage of leftwing organizations over the summer on what was billed as the “Tax the Rich Bus Tour.” The road...

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Organizing those ratty charter schools

By Larry Sand
The unions’ “If ya can’t kill ’em, organize ’em” mentality is on display in Chicago. In a refreshingly honest video from 2011, Leo Casey, New York City’s United Federation of Teachers Vice President, equates charter schools to Walmart – both being very resistant to unionization. Pounding on the table at a socialist gathering, he says...

TAGS: American Federation of Teachers, charter school, Chicago Teachers Union, Janus ruling, Larry Sand, Mike Antonucci, school choice, teachers union, United Federation of Teachers

The #WeSue movement

By Larry Sand
The Janus decision in June has opened the door to litigation. Lots of litigation. It has been almost six months since the Janus ruling, which allows government workers to avoid paying a union as a condition of employment. But that was just a beginning. The decision has shone a light on many other union abuses...

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