“Scott Walker Fails the Test of Common Decency”

By Larry Sand
… or at least that’s what protection racket leader Randi Weingarten wants us to believe. My goodness! From the response in certain quarters, you would think that Wisconsin governor Scott Walker breached national security – and then maybe tried to lie his way out of it! But no. All he did last week was sign...

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Fifty States of Right-to-Work?

By Larry Sand
Elected officials, the courts and John Q. Public are supporting worker freedom these days; teachers unions and other public employee unions are on the run. Last Monday, Illinois governor Bruce Rauner issued an executive order that, if it stands, will absolve state workers from paying forced dues to a union. As The Wall Street Journal...

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SEIU Motives and Tactics Remain the Same

By Dave Bego
Times have changed, but the SEIU’s motives, and the means and tactics used to accomplish these motives — as documented in The Devil at Our Doorstep — remain the same. The SEIU’s ultimate goal is to achieve its agenda of destroying America’s Free Enterprise system and replacing it with statism. As seen in recent actions across the...

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Illinois Unemployment Exceeds California’s

By Mike Shedlock
The one state arguably more troubled than California is Illinois. Unions, union sympathizers, socialists, and tax-hike proponents are strongly in control of both states. Is it any wonder  that perpetual economic difficulties and insurmountable pension underfundings face both states? Via email, Ted Dabrowski at the Illinois Policy Institute writes …  Unhappy Anniversary Six months ago, Illinois overtook...

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Red – and I Do Mean Red – Herrings of the Left

By Larry Sand
June – Father’s Day, Flag Day, weddings … and loopy ideas on poverty. Last September I wrote about those who believe that poverty causes ignorance and how we must “fix” poverty before we can fix education. I suggested that maybe, just maybe, a good education is the best antidote to poverty and that school choice...

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Battle for Right-to-Work is a marathon, not a sprint

By Joseph Lehman
Labor unions have a virtual lock on Illinois politics. Unionized government delivers services ever-less efficiently in rough proportion to its ever-increasing size. It promulgates taxes and regulations that stifle private sector growth. It’s impossible to break the unions’ grip on Illinois’ fiscal health. Substitute “Michigan” for “Illinois” and one might have said the same thing...

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Illinois: Corporate Welfare State with a Unionized Government

By Mike Shedlock
Here’s an interesting email from John Tillman at the Illinois Policy Institute, a non-partisan watchdog of the ongoing mess in Illinois. Tillman’s source is an excellent article on Illinois Review written by Ben VanMetre, a Senior Budget and Tax Policy Analyst at the Illinois Policy Institute. Please consider a repost of Quinn’s Illinois: regulations and...

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