California Dystopia Update, February 2020 edition: Going backwards on housing

By Chris Reed
A decade ago, when the U.S. Census Bureau began issuing a measure of poverty that included the cost of living, Californians found out something that had somehow eluded the thousands of journalists, authors and academics who chronicled life here. Because of the cost of housing, California — not West Virginia or Mississippi — had the...

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Taxpayer Group Pushing to Gut California’s Prop. 13 is Union Front Group

By Kevin Dayton
One lingering success of the Right in California is the public’s continued association of taxpayers’ organizations with fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, and limited government. Statewide groups such as the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and regional groups such as the San Diego County Taxpayers Association maintain credibility as leaders in resisting foolhardy tax increases and wasteful...

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University of California Releases SEIU-Funded Report Justifying SeaTac Wage Measure

By Kevin Dayton
Someday a member of the Board of Regents of the University of California will have the courage to suggest that hosting the Miguel Contreras Labor Program at the Berkeley and Los Angeles campuses compromises the academic credibility of the institution and taints the overall image of its research programs. In the meantime, the California Labor...

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Public Sector Unions Threaten Owners of LA Times Not to Sell to Koch Bros.

By James Lacy
Union excess, echoed with approval by their media allies, especially in liberal San Francisco, has hit an almost absurd level.  Non-union hotels like Hyatt are inexplicably vilified in the liberal press.  The nurses at the University of California’s hospitals, including U.C. San Francisco, have gone on strike, over, among other things, their objections to “unprecedented executive excess.” ...

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