Unions Continue Their Long March into the Classroom

By Larry Sand
Labor union indoctrination is seeping into our schools before our very eyes. Teacher union intrusion into the lives of children is not new. Via anti-child work rules like tenure and seniority, unions have been making their influence felt for years. Additionally, as labor expert Kevin Dayton points out, they have been angling to promote their...

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More Taxpayer Money Spent Justifying Union Political Agenda in California

By Kevin Dayton
About 95% of the public policy studies and reports circulating among California state and local governments reject a free market approach to societal challenges. Instead, these studies and reports advocate more government spending, more government programs, and more government intrusion into commerce and personal behavior. Obviously “Progressive” intellectual thought in California gets a disproportionate share of funding....

TAGS: Community Benefits Agreements, Minimum Wage, Project Labor Agreements, University of California Miguel Contreras Labor Program

Unions Try to Monopolize California's Global Warming Solutions

By Kevin Dayton
California’s quest to end global climate change is inspiring many obscure, complicated, and costly regulations. And when state executive branch agencies propose new regulations to save the planet, unions are there with their own agendas. California Can’t Let Just Anyone Check Your Dimmer Switches The 2013 revisions to California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards (in the...

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Journal Article on Prevailing Wage Debunked, But Only Outside Academia

By Kevin Dayton
A survey of academic journal articles in the fields of labor relations, labor economics, and labor history reveals scholarly consensus: union-backed public policies are good for the economy! No one ever rebuts these journal articles, so they must be true. And why would anyone assume otherwise? As a union official said about one of these...

TAGS: Are Charter Cities Taking Advantage of State Mandated Construction Wage Rate ("Prevailing Wage") Exemptions?, Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, Prevailing Wage, The Effect of Prevailing Wage Regulations on Contractor Bid Participation and Behavior: A Comparison of Palo Alto California with Four Nearby Prevailing Wage Municipalities, University of California Miguel Contreras Labor Program

University of California Releases SEIU-Funded Report Justifying SeaTac Wage Measure

By Kevin Dayton
Someday a member of the Board of Regents of the University of California will have the courage to suggest that hosting the Miguel Contreras Labor Program at the Berkeley and Los Angeles campuses compromises the academic credibility of the institution and taints the overall image of its research programs. In the meantime, the California Labor...

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How Will Students Celebrate Labor History Month in California Schools?

By Kevin Dayton
Do you have children or grandchildren in California public schools? You may need to give some counter-instruction at home to balance the material disseminated at school assemblies and through classroom instruction during Labor History Month. As enacted by Governor Jerry Brown in 2012 through Assembly Bill 2269, the entire month of May is now designated by the state government for...

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